Customer Support

09 Jun

I have been working in Kota Komputer (KK) for 10 month as customer support (cs)
I joined in KK exactly on July 29th.
As cs actually so many things that i’ve to do.
1. Every early morning i must check our servers. We have 5 servers, that we named as KK1, KK3, KK4, KK5, and also KK6.
2. Manage orders (Colocation, VPS, Reseller, Share Hosting, and Domain)
3. Post the Paid Invoice
4. Serve the customer who want to asking the fitur and price of our packet
5. Fix the error
6. Check Backup every Monday in all servers and VPSs
7. Migrating the hosting in different server
8. Upgrading space of hosting
9. Replying the ticket systems
10. Paid KK’s invoices and must confirm after pay it
11. Remain by sms or calling to client that haven’t paid
12. Checking 3 bank accounts
13. Inputing domain from our Domain Provider to WHMCS
I start work at 9 a.m 7×24 hours
And stop working, when everythings already done,12 p.m, 1 a.m, 2 a.m, 4 a.m or not sleep if really urgent  it can be
WHMCS is stands for Web Hosting Manager Complete Billing and Systems. I use it for manage the order, invoices of my  hundreds of clients.
We use 3 Bank accounts and 1 PayPal account.

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