SaveTubeVideo Malware

12 Jun

Did this:
1. Installed Ashampoo UnInstaller
2. Again installed SaveTubeVideo
3. Removed SaveTubeVideo using Ashampoo UnInstaller
4. removed the WinPcap driver (Standard Uninstall procedure), which has been installed with SaveTubeVideo
5. Clean up the registry. During the whole evening – no “departure”. 🙂

Well Ive just uninstalled FF from my control panel programs and removed all traces. including when it asks about cookies and such. and we appear to have cleared the issue.
I solved the problem by running Windows Restore to a Restore point dated before I downloaded and installed (and uninstalled) the bad Youtube video downloader software.

Try this.
1. Close all Firefox windows.
2. In Windows XP Open the directory C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pmdzauas.default\extensions. (Find the suitable path in other OS versions.)
3. Delete the directory SearchHelper. If you’re not sure this is the one you should delete, go into the directory. You’ll see ???BHO.dll. You may move the directory SearchHelper to another location before permanently deleting it.
4. Start Firefox.
5. Go to Tools->Add-ons menu.
6. Search Result Optimizer (the malware) should disappear.
I tried this and it works.

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