Ceritaku 5 Juli 2011

06 Jul

woke up at 7.30 (it is sometimes happened hehehe…), and prepared anything b’cos this day gonna be very busy…
n didn’t forget b’fast n a glass of hot chocolate…
start my day to traditional market, i wanna buy brocolli but i get with no suitable price,
well when i looked back i saw empek2 wewww loved this fish made food…
“give me 2 ‘kapal selam’ and 4 ‘lenggang’ sir”
empek2 could amuse me for a while…
where did i can get broccoli ???
so next direction is goin to small ‘warung’ tht made up from ‘gerobak’ in front of someone’s house near with Jojo’s school.
weww i choosed the big one n get just Rp 8.000… hahaha… and bought a medium sized leek.
next i go to a private bank to store my cash money,,, and not too long queue… what a wonderful day…
Bel Mart is the next place to get the rest of ingridients, chicken chest and BBQ sauce…
Go back home…


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