Ryutaro Makino – Youth Beautiful Day

17 Jul

I really like the new CM of Pocari Sweat… I’m very interested with the jingle, Youth Beautiful Day.
There’s so many Indonesian people wanna get the lyrics of that song. Everyone has been searching for this song since the first time this CM aired. Cause of it, Ryutaro Makino posted the lyrics at his official site

This is a post that I got from his official site:

Apparently, the song I sing for this commercial of Pocari Sweat
in Indonesia has been very popular among young people in Indonesia.
And I’ve got a lot of comments about it, and have been
requested to show what I’m really singing… so here is the lyrics of it…

I hope you can enjoy singing…

Pocari Sweat

Hateshinai Aonomukouhe
Bokutachino Miraiha Hirogaru
Beautiful days Kimito Bokuga Kokoniiru
Hashitta Bundake Michihanobirukara
Day by day, Imawo Ikiiyou~

果てしない 青の向こうへ
Beautiful Days 君と僕がここにいる
Day by day 今を生きよう。。。

I really do hope to go there and sing in front of people in Indonesia sometime.
I wish to see you guys there someday!!

Ryutaro Makino

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Posted by on July 17, 2011 in Art, Lyrics


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