Ceritaku 15 Juni 2012 – Idenesia Program at Metro TV

15 Jun

Idenesia Program at Metro TV - June 15th 2012

The day was started in the morning, when I went to campus for Entrepreneurship Class. After the class was ended, I had a conversation about Network Analysis Report wif my group Mas Agus and Mas Arip. It took a long time to discussed the cover of our report, as we must refer to the KKP Outline (complicated and made my head explode).
It’s about a half hour we had been discussed about the report.

A few moments later Mr.Reza, a Broadcast Lecture came over us and asked us if we want to came with him to Metro TV.
I couldn’t decided it on that time, as I had to ask to my boss if he permit me to join. At 12.00 PM, I went back and asked for permission to my boss. In short, he permited me to join and asked me to e-mailed the pending jobs.

Mr Reza said that if I want to join with him, I have to gathered at 13.00 PM in the parking lot.
As the time was too short (for me), so I asked the driver to picked me up in fromt of Taman Palem Lestari gate.
The journey was felt so long, yep it was because we’re very enthusiastic.

Arrived at Metro TV Studio, we had tapped for first episode of Idenesia Program with Photography theme (Bahasa Gambar), hosted by Yovie Widianto. The guest star are Mr. Darwis Priadi, Mr. Gino, and Levitasi Hore Community.

The points that I get for each guest star:
1. Mr. Darwis (Professional Photographer): A message for young photographer, 3 things must be learned for photography: ASA, Diafragma, Lighting
2. Mr. Gino (Media Indonesia Newspaper Photographer): A photo is the very honest news
3. Levitasi Community : A photo tells so many things

After the first tapping, we had break time. And we got the opportunity to took picture with the host and the guest stars.

2nd episode, with the theme comedy (Seni Pelawak Tunggal), it was very amusing. We laughed out loud. Mr Mamik Prakoso, Cak Lontong (Stand Up Comedian), and Rindra (Comic) successfully made us stomachache. They were talking about Street Joke, Stand Up Comedy,and some kind of comedy.

Woowww that was amazing…
Thanks God for this opportunity…. :)x


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